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Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Management

Pure Lawns offers a safe and effective way to manage Mosquito & Ticks using products and techniques that won’t harm your family or the environment. Cedar oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural pest repellent and it only repels non beneficial insects! Not only is cedar oil destructive to the eggs and larvae of these pests, but continued application will create a barrier of re-entry. Our product is all natural,  has a zero toxicity rating, a pleasant aroma, but most of all…it works!

The Science

Non Beneficial insects use their heat and scent receptors to locate prey and suitable breeding areas. The pungent odor of cedar oil blocks those receptors and confuses the pest, causing them to flee and look for a more pest friendly environment.  In addition to deterring these pests, cedar oil will penetrate the cuticles and the exoskeletons of the eggs and larvae, these pests are no longer able to retain the moisture necessary for life. They dehydrate and die, sometimes on contact. Cedar oil will not harm aquatic life, does not repel beneficial insects and won’t contaminate the environment

The Application

We recommend a minimum of 5 visits to the property spread out over the peak times when mosquito and ticks are most active. We make it a point to treat areas that are common breeding areas, or places that attract the insects. Wood piles, thick brush, under porches and any damp area are all places that are attractive to mosquito and ticks.


Our Organic mosquito & tick manager is a safe and effective way to combat the problem, but there are many other things that can be done to assist in reducing the amount of insect pressure. We will walk the property and point out any problem areas that can be creating a habitat for mosquito’s & ticks and suggest ways to resolve those issues.
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